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Kate Zimmerman is a graduate from the University of Denver with a
Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and minor in Psychology.

I graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology. 
As a studio art major I am skilled in all forms of traditional media; drawing, painting, screen printing, insatillations, and much more. 

Before I became a student at DU I was a self taught digital artist. I have been drawing famous pop culture icons as well as my own original characters since I could hold a pencil. Having such a large discipline in both digital and traditional forms of art has made me a very skilled, experienced, and well rounded artist. 

I am very interested in becoming a professional illustrator, graphic designer, and even one day a character designer for a major film or gaming company. With my unique combination of art and psychology degrees I also hope to be involved with art therapy as a professional or volunteer." 

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