Universe Mandala
A wood block print inspired by nature.
Little Fighter
A light hearted screen print using the glass method.
Scarla-German Expressionist
A screen print of my original character, Scarla, in a German Expressionist style.
Atomic Love Bomb
A large screen print of my original character, Soul Searcher.
I Should Have Kissed Them More
A altered book project, filled with original paintings and poetry. It was chosen to be in the University of Denver's library and rare book collection.
Denver Chalk Art Festival
I was chosen to be in Denver's Chalk Art Festival. This was a large scale portrait of Peter Petrelli from the show Heroes.
Denver Chalk Art Festival
Finished version.
Experimenting with art, body, poetry, and nature. Do we become our art, or does our art become us?
Power stance
Shiva Dancer
One of my 3D sculptures printed.
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