A commission colored pencil portrait of a great dane.
Heroes Academy
Colored and graphite drawing of Gerard Way and his comic book "Umbrella Academy."

This drawing was on display at Guiry's, as I was chosen for Artist of the Month.
Commission - Casey
Colored pencil commission portrait in memory of Casey.
Self Portrait
Colored pencil self portrait.
Donation - Boys and Girls Club
A fun colored pencil donation for the Boys and Girls club auction.
Little Fairies
Colored pencil portrait.
Cirque du Soleil
Colored pencil portrait of a scene inspired by the show Cirque du Soleil.
Petal Poetry
Colored pencil portrait of Andrea Gibson.
Petal Poetry
Another angle to see the 3D elements of the flower.
A graphite illustration of the building Mary Reid on the University of Denver's campus.
Rory x Dean
A colored pencil portrait of the Gilmore Girls characters.
Jay Brannan
A graphite illustration of the musician Jay Brannan, signed by himself.
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